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 APR26 7:30 PM SEATTLE, WA, US - KEY ARENA Tickets
 APR28 7:30 PM SAN JOSE, CA, US - SAP CENTER Tickets
 MAY11 7:30 PM SUNRISE, FL, US - BB&T CENTER Tickets

2017 The Weeknd tour is finally here and you are invited to see it live this year as The Weeknd tickets embark on the latest concert series! The Weeknd tour kicks off in Seattle, WA and includes 2 remaining dates over the coming months. The launch of The Weeknd's tour in North America during September will be followed by a final date in Seattle, WA. The Weeknd is touring in various locations with the next date happening in Seattle, WA on 4/26/2017. The Weeknd plans on spending most of 2017 performing live at as many venues as possible, so keep your eyes out for additional dates that may be named. Don't miss seeing The Weeknd tour live in 2017 as the tour showcases both new hits and old favorites. Share in the excitement of The Weeknd's concerts at one of The Weeknd live shows to a venue near you.

The Weeknd fans are one of a kind and they love the unique sound, incredible vocals, and the unbelievable energy that make The Weeknd's concert music one of a kind. If you're in the Seattle, WA area, don't forget to purchase your tickets fast for the show on 09/05/2016 before they sell out..

The Weeknd tour is sure to be a huge draw for concert goers in 2017. When The Weeknd takes the stage, you can be sure the crowd is going to be huge!

To see all of the tickets still available for The Weeknd concerts, click on a city and date to the right. But hurry, you don't want to miss seeing one of the most exciting shows of the year, The Weeknd live in concert!

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Artist The Weeknd acquired an after when he put a little of home-made tracks (songs), including “The Morning” into online in 2010. Within just a trifle short years, The Weeknd rose to international success with Billboard R&B chart-topping albums like "Trilogy" & "Kiss Land". This Toronto native has continued to earn acclaim through collaborations with stars like Drake, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber in addition to creating his own futuristic songs. Consider those possibility to see The Weeknd live when this individual shares his latest songs on stage. Shop for The Weeknd tickets in our marketplace for an upcoming show near you. Customers support is available 24/7 when you call to our Phones, Viber and Chat.

Check out The Weeknd tour dates with tickets now for sale in the schedule above. The Tickets tab will allow you to move to the next step to find your seats.

Look and make sure the venue seating chart, if it is available - go to sorting by location, and take your pick, Attention! to change the time and place of the scene, depending on the location The Weeknd tour. To get the Weeknd tickets by price, modify the price range toolbar accordingly, or kind by low to high or high to low. Before you go to buy, make sure the correct variety is shown before improving to checkout.

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How Much Are The Weeknd Concert Tickets? Prices will start from 30 dollars and 300 dollars ends. As we are constantly acting discounts and promotions.

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There are always great deals to be found at our website. The get-in price, or lowest price for a ticket to The Weeknd tour, is 30 dollars. Prices will fluctuate based on many factors such as inventory and demand, so be sure to get your cheap tickets to an upcoming The Weeknd concert before it’s too late!

The Weeknd Discography

"Kiss Land" - 2013 year

"Beauty Behind the Madness" - 2015 year

"Starboy" - 2016 year

Weeknd Last Tweets

The Weeknd Tickets Seattle 2017 info:

So you have decided to buy tickets for the weeknd at Key Arena?

KEY ARENA Adress: Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109.


Parking Status: Disabled Parking

Key Arena Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert : Key Arena Seating Chart

Hotels near Seattle : - Seattle

The Weeknd Tickets San Jose 2017 info:

Have you took decision To go to the concert of The Weeknd San Jose?

SAP CENTER Adress: 525 W Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95113


Parking Status:1,500 spaces, $10-$20 for most events, cash only .

SAP CENTER Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert: Sap Center Seating Chart

Hotels near San Jose:

The Weeknd Tickets Los Angeles(LA) 2017 info:

Los Angeles,California,Sun and Weeknd Tickets are waiting for you !

THE FORUM Adress: 3900 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305

Website:(Facebook only)

Parking Status: $6.00

Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert(APR 29,APR 30): The Forum Seating Chart

Hotels near Los Angeles:

The Weeknd Upcoming Concerts Setlist:

The Hills

In the Night


Earned It

Can't Feel My Face



False Alarm

Tell Your Friends Play Video stats

High for This

Prisoner Play Video stats

King Of The Fall

The Morning Play Video stats

I Feel It Coming


Party Monster

Reminder Play Video stats

Glass Table Girls

Concert Reviews

Posted on 12/14/16 by Kayla

Event: 12/13/2016 Toyota Center Houston Texas

The show was absolutely EPIC!! I loved it soooo much! Next time i will make sure i have front row seats so he can see me and we can lock eyes and fall in love and get married and run off into the sunset then i habe have all of his babies and we will live happily ever after for the rest of eternity! !!! I LOVE YOU ABEL !!!!!!!

Posted on 11/12/16 by Timshady

Event Info: 11/11/2016

Event was Awesome, Seats were Awesome, Show was Extremely Awesome. The Weeknd put on one of the best shows I've experienced to date. Vivid was able to provide me with the best seat in the house.

Posted on 11/12/16 by Maty

Event Info: 11/11/2016 Prudential Center

There are no questions about it, the weeknd sings amazingly beautiful live! The show started about 7:30 but he didn't arrive until 9:30, but it was worth the wait. He made every minute, every song worth dancing to and you could just feel the vibe of the crowd and how much they love him. If you have not attended one of his concerts, I recommend you to go, it is a MUST! -xo fan

Posted on 11/12/15 by Blanco

Event Info: 11/06/2015 United Center Chicago, IL

Awesome! No other word to describe! My friend and I attended because we wanted to get away from the daily routine. We weren't into his music until his recent album and hits like Often and I Can't Feel My Face. Would recommend to 18 year olds and up. The language is somewhat offensive, but nonetheless the music is great quality. His musicianship was superb!! The lights, video, and FIRE (it was safe and you could feel the heat at our seats - second level just off the stage) was amazing! Can't wait to see him perform again! Great band members as well! Great job!!!

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The Weeknd Tickets PHOENIX(AZ) 2017 info:

Arizona - the best place to live, and weeknd will boom the stage

RESORT ARENA Adress: AZ 85004, 201 E Jefferson St, Phoenix


Parking Status: Garages near venue

Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert(MAY 2): talking stick resort arena

Hotels near PHOENIX:

The Weeknd in DALLAS(TX) 2017 info:

DALLAS - hot weather and hot concert

AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER Adress: 2500 Victory Ave, Dallas, TX 75219


Parking Status: 5,000 Parking Places, Stars from $15

Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert(MAY 4): AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER

Hotels near DALLAS:

The Weeknd - HOUSTON(TX) 2017 info:

TOYOTA CENTER Adress: 1510 Polk St, Houston, TX 77002


Parking Status: 5,000 Parking Places, Stars from $15

Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert(MAY 6): TOYOTA CENTER

Hotels near HOUSTON:

The Weeknd Tickets New Orleans 2017 info:

New Orleans - largest city in Louisiana! and Largest concert!

SMOOTHIE KING CENTER Adress: LA 70113, 1501 Dave Dixon Dr, New Orleans


Parking Status:public garages for parking (cash only)

SMOOTHIE KING CENTER Seating Chart for Weeknd Concert: SMOOTHIE Seating Chart

Hotels near New Orleans:

The Weeknd Tickets SUNRISE 2017 info:

SUNRISE - 90K population city located in Florida the most Hot state!

BB&T CENTER Adress: FL 33323, 1 Panther Pkwy, Sunrise


Parking Status: Club & Garage parking (One hour to doors open CASH ONLY)

BB&T CENTER Seating Chart for Weeknd Concert: BB&T CENTER Seating Chart

Hotels near SUNRISE:

The Weeknd Tickets TAMPA 2017 info:

TAMPA - 3th biggest city in state (FL)

AMALIE ARENA Adress: 401 FL 33602,Channelside Dr, Tampa


Parking Status: 12 lots near area (CASH & VISA)

AMALIE ARENA Seating Chart for Weeknd Concert: AMALIE ARENA Seating Chart

Hotels near TAMPA:

The Weeknd in ATLANTA 2017 info:

Philips Arena is one of the busiest arenas in the world for performing concerts. It has about 20,000 seats to watch the live concert of Starboy

Philips Arena Adress: First Philips Dr, Atlanta, GA 30303


Parking Status: Parking Decks, VISA and CASH

Philips Arena Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert:Philips Arena Seatings

Hotels in Atlanta:

The Weeknd in CHARLOTTE 2017 info:

Charlotte is the largest city in the North Carolina, home to Mecklenburg County, the second largest city in the southeastern US

SPECTRUM CENTER Adress: 333 E Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202


Parking Status: 30 000 parking places near Arena

SPECTRUM CENTER Seating Chart for The Weeknd Concert: SPECTRUM CENTER Seatings

Hotels in Charlotte:

The Weeknd at NEW YORK(NY) info:

You will find everything that you are looking for here at our site. We make searching the web for a New York City fast and easy!

Barclays Center adress :620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn - NY11217


Parking Status: 17 000 parking places

Hotels in NEW YORK :

The event did start late. However that was not the center's fault. The Weeknd are great performers. The DJ did a great job hyping us up before the acts. The people selling merchandise were polite and helpful. The security was tight and we'll executed. The sound was audible and loud. I attended because I enjoy music and my friends were attending. The parts I enjoyed most was watching the special effects ( balloons, fireworks, sparks, fire, backdrop,etc) My only issue was halfway, the wifi of the Centre was weak so it was difficult to post our experience online.

The Tickets itself was very fun. Weeknd is an amazing performer and a very good dancer. He makes you feel connected to the music as an individual. He only issue was that the Tickets was 3 hours late. He was supposed to go on at 6:30 but ended up going on at 9:30. By then I was so tired from waiting around, so it was not as fun as it could have been.

Weeknd was about 1 1/2 hours late. Even though he was late and we all got a little bother he but on a great show. He was on stage with Future for 3 hours. It was more than I could have ever imagined. I had great seats. Not too close and not far at all. I would definitely go see him again. He is good at what he does and you could tell that everyone in that arena was happy about the show. He did not disappoint.

The Tickets was awesome. Weeknd and Future put on an excellent performance....My experience with vivid seats was superb. I received my tickets within minutes after paying. My tickets stayed stored on the app until I was ready. My e-tickets were scanned at the event no problem. Would def do business with them again. I am very pleased.

This is the perfect summer Tickets both Weeknd have so many hits that you find yourself singing along to every song! The stage presence and energy of Weeknd and Future was amazing. Definitely a must see !!

The Tickets was amazing by far the best one i have ever gone too. I got the tickets as a birthday gift because just about everyone from my family and all my friends know I'm a major die hard fan! You could feel Weeknd's excitement about performing in his home town, he definitely showed it some major love by putting on an absolute amazing Tickets.

I've been in love with Weeknd since degrassi days and I was waiting on him to come back to texas! I'm so happy I went. I almost didn't want to because my seats were pretty far back, but that did not stop me from having the time of my life and watching one of the best performances I've ever seen. I would definitely go again and recommend everyone needs to see Weeknd atleast once!

Just purchased Weeknd tickets for his jungle your and I was kind of hesitant at first because they were actually pretty cheap. I changed it and what do you know I had great seating for great price! Definitely will be purchasing from vivid seats again!!!!

I've seen Weeknd 4 times and each time he gets better! He had fireworks! Dollars bills rained from the sky in the Arena. And he's so hype that you can't help but feel the energy!

It was our first time ever attending a live The Weeknd Tickets! I can honestly say seeing them on tv or streaming them, is nothing compared to how spectacular they are live. So a beautiful vibe, atmosphere, and night. I love the lights, very clever and fun! Highly recommend anyone fan or new fan or not at all to check them out The Weeknd Live. They'll have a blast! Thanks Guys! Thanks MetLife!

I don't believe you could get a bad seat at MetLife Stadium, (unless your vie was blocked by the light/sound towers) We were in the nosebleed seat, but we had binoculars. The sound was awesome and so was the light show. Everyone was issued lighted bracelets that lit up with the music. The Weeknd was very entertaining. If you like their music, you must see them live!

KeyArena comes through again! Great place to see a Tickets, not a bad seat in the place! The Weeknd just knocked my socks off, a really amazing experience! Great music, entertaining light, laser, balloon, and confetti extravaganza! The added bonus of audience participation with light up wristbands that were computer synchronized with the music was really a treat!!

This was my 11 year old daughters first Tickets and I couldn't have chosen a better one. The set list, lights, balloons, light up wrist bands, and seats were amazing! The whole evening was entertaining, and the band was on point.

The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is from our vantage point we could not see the 2 screens on the outer corners of the stage. The pyrotechnics and kind presence the band brings are a win-win. They sound amazing live! It was truly a one of a kind experience (mystery white wrist bands). I'm grateful for this memory with my son.

Our whole family (adults and teens) love The Weeknd. This was our teen daughter's first major Tickets and she said it was one of the best events of her life. Not only did they do a great selection of their songs (all the 'old' ones, some of the newer ones) but their laser show and slide screen shows were fantastic and a lot of fun. They also had a "B" stage, where they went toward the latter half of the show to be more in touch with the fans at the far end of the arena.

I'm a 58 year old man that has been to a great many Tickets Tickets in my lifetime. After my experience with The Weeknd, I would have to say that they are the hippest most fun band that I have ever had the opportunity to see.

The Weeknd - so talented, engaging, and humble. How can anyone not like this hard working and inclusive artist! So upbeat! Just what the world needs. Audience respectful, great looking ( as Weeknd mentioned), very well behaved... Thrilled not to hear even one profanity in the crowd!! How refreshing! Great to see all ages, all cultures and many internationals visiting the venue. Music truly brings people together, singing and dancing! Would have liked an encore. Set up should gigure out better placement of vertical stantions/ speakers , one really blocked the view of one of the screens which for the location and prices of my seat was annoying. Visuals, fire works, programmed wrist bands all outstanding, making the event interactive ( along with the singing) and one of my best to-date stadium Tickets experiences!

Great show but you should announce if you are putting additional acts on we traveled 100 miles very fast because the Tickets just had The Weeknd & no other listings for the Tickets we didn't have a chance to enjoy a dinner because we thought they were solo. Once we were inside they said they added 2 bands so we were stuck paying $10 a beer and outrageous prices inside the Nationwide arena for food when we could have had a dinner in the Arena District. With security as it is we were very upset we could not go out and return to see the band I paid good money to see not some up and coming group I never heard of

Another amazing performance from The Weeknd! They never disappoint! Greatix of older and newer material and spectacular effects. Hope they keep going. I will definitely be at the next show. Brought the whole family and the kids were blown away by how amazing they are live. 5 STARS!! Venue wise I wasn't a huge fan. They have a ridiculous policy about not being able to carry a bag. We had to walk over a mile back to the car to leave the bag that had all my kids supplies in it. Wasn't too happy about that - bought 5 shirts and had nothing to put them in during the show which was a drag.

The Weeknd put on one of the best shows I've been to. A solid 2 hours that was high energy and non stop. My only complaint was that there was an hour wait after the second opening act until The Weeknd came on. A lot of people seemed to know this but my husband and I didn't. It was worth the wait though. They did a great job. Even the opening bands were good.

Went as a surprise wedding anniversary gift. The Weeknd has been one of our favorite bands since we dated. The seats we're awesome and we happened to be 5 seats away from their hidden side stage after the encore. So much fan! The venue and performance was great!

I have been a long time fan and never have had the chance to attend one of their Tickets Tickets in the past. I surprised my husband with tickets for our 44th Anniversary! We were totally amazed at the well choreographed show! The most amazing site was when all of the wristbands lit up in the crowd when they started playing. The laser show was so well done and matched to the music. We've been to many Tickets Tickets in our life time and I would have to say this was definitely a "must see" Tickets! It was money well spent and what memories we came away with! Love ya The Weeknd!!!!!